Fonts in Use: Round #1

Lost Type’s fonts are being used every day by some talented folks, in some great designs.
Things have moved so fast, it’s amazing to see these fonts in use just weeks (sometimes hours) after they are launched, in printed posters, logos for relief efforts, and laser cut drinking glasses.
We’re going to start displaying these more often, but here is a selection to get started!

JP Boneyard
Bikes Fight Cancer Poster – JP Boneyard (Muncie)

Camp Mailchimp – Justin Pervorse (Deming)

Art for Joplin Logo – Jacob Etter (Canaveral)

Rascal Logo – Justin Hall (Deming and Wisdom Script)

Film Noir – Bethany Heck (Duke)

Atomic 2 – Dustin Wallace (Muncie and Highlands)

Father’s Day Pilsner Glass – Rob Quigley (Liberator)

Riley Cran

Riley Cran is the Operator and Manager of the Lost Type Co-Op
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