There’s a new serif in town.

Often times when you know someone on the internet, no matter for how long, meeting them in person for the first time is full of anticipation. A hope that they will be the person you imagine them to be. When I met Dan Gneiding in person for the first time on a June San Francisco […]

This Type Means Business

As a kid growing up in NYC I was always fascinated with the local businesses, industries and utilities. We didn’t have big industrial factories in Greenwhich Village per se, but we had Soho in the 70s and early 80s and that was plenty. Broadway and areas around the Bowery housed plenty of old world garment […]

French Typography from the Museum of Printing Lyon

Turn on your google translate and saddle up to the Museum of Printing in Lyon’s impressive online archive. Featuring dense cataloguing and sortable by time period, publishers, and font names, this collection of specimens is filled with treasures. Below are a few of my favorites from the Belle Époque (1890-1918), but there are plenty more to […]

Alanna Munro: Local Lettering

My friend here in Vancouver, Alanna Munro, has been working on a really fun project to preserve the multitude of hand painted apartment signage here in the city. Presumably done by a small selection of lettering artists in the 1940’s – 1960’s, these logotypes are abundant in entire neighborhoods of Vancouver, particular the ones with […]

River Market Outing

During a recent visit to Kansas City, MO, I made a point to stop by the River Market Antique Mall. Riley Cran made the suggestion and said I wouldn’t regret it. He was right. As it turned out, the quick stop wasn’t so quick because of all the typographical gems that can be spotted with […]

Neon Graveyard

I have a lot of respect and admiration for places that value and care for elements and objects that gave identity and laid the foundation of their city. One such case is the “Neon Museum” I visited recently, where we travel back in time to see the Neon Signs that founded Las Vegas. Marquees that […]

Giovanni Pintori

Graphic designers have certain preconceptions about the world of advertising associated with the design and for me many of them are true. But today and in old times, there are brands  that have been noted for the care of their parts and the designing of them. A pioneer in this field was Olivetti brand. The company was […]