Giovanni Pintori

Graphic designers have certain preconceptions about the world of advertising associated with the design and for me many of them are true. But today and in old times, there are brands  that have been noted for the care of their parts and the designing of them. A pioneer in this field was Olivetti brand.

The company was created in 1908 by Camillo Olivetti but then his son Adriano was who showed special attention to technology, innovation, product quality and brand image. That’s why Marketing department was created, where Giovanni Pintori after a time was the leader of this area. His work for the brand both in print and on the stores is recognized until today. In my case I admire the synthesis, compositions and use of color to express the spirit of the brand and the people who worked for it. Without doubt one of my favorite designers. His work was recognized internationally in 1952 and the MoMa in New York made ​​the first exposition of design related to the world of advertising called “Olivetti: Design in Industry”. No doubt that the brand Olivetti was pioneer in several areas and even today the graphic is one of the most recognized.

A while ago I bought several “Graphis Annual” books published between years 1958 and 1964 who have several works of Pintori that you can watch below:


Martin Azambuja

Martin Azambuja

Graphic designer and Illustrator based in Montevideo, Uruguay.