Lost Type visits Concrete Matter

Our time in Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Lost Type contributor Tim Boelaar’s store, Concrete Matter. Tim, along with Tomas and Jacob, opened Concrete Matter as an online shop in 2012 and the physical location on Amsterdam’s Haarlemmerdijk in 2013. Tim, Tomas and Jacob’s excellent taste manifests in a beautifully curated store: school maps, prints, globes, pins, […]

Amsterdam Curly Letter

As the Lost Type crew spent the day exploring the streets of Amsterdam, we were amazed at the range of letters and typographic elements on buildings, billboards, posters and graffiti throughout the city. Our exploration took us to the district of Jordaan, where old, traditional pubs the locals call ‘bruin cafés’ can be found. Some […]

Field Trip Drawing Tools

The paper-covered drawing table is a fixture on Lost Type field trips. This year, we made sure to place a hefty order from JetPens ahead of time so we’d be set for the week. Below are links to a few of our favorites: 1 | Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen 2 | Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen […]

Hay: Danish Design Store

A few of us poked around Copenhagen in the days leading up to Field Trip Amsterdam. Undoubtedly the sweetest discovery was Danish design / home store Hay, tucked a few floors above a busy retail area. A beautiful representation of restrained / polished Danish style, the store spanned two floors and contained room after room […]

Address Numerals of Copenhagen

Amsterdam has been such a blast so far, and we are all really enjoying seeing the vernacular typography of the city. Prior to our arriving here, several of us (Frances, Cade, Sean and I) spent a few days in Copenhagen, Denmark. I regularly stop to look at address numerals back at home, so I found […]

Field Trip Amsterdam!

We are very excited to be traveling to Amsterdam for our third Field Trip. Prior years have taken us to San Francisco and New York, and this trip is our first to leave the continent. A dozen designers from Lost Type (and from our kind sponsor, Dropbox) will be in Amsterdam from September 19th-26th. Check […]

Letter from Grandma

You may have seen that The Lost Type Co-op is headed to Amsterdam soon (!!!). We’ll be there the 19th–26th of this month. This is Lost Type’s third field trip (previous adventures included New York and San Francisco) and over ten of us will be attending! While we’re in Amsterdam, we’ll be sourcing inspiration for upcoming […]