Address Numerals of Copenhagen

Amsterdam has been such a blast so far, and we are all really enjoying seeing the vernacular typography of the city.

Prior to our arriving here, several of us (Frances, Cade, Sean and I) spent a few days in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I regularly stop to look at address numerals back at home, so I found myself keeping an eye out for the local numerals in Copenhagen. It was wonderful to see such a wide variety, far beyond the ‘hardware store’ numerals that are all too common where I come from. To me they seem to say so much about the people who inhabit the space. The shear age of the city adds to the variety of solutions to a very functional and yet aesthetically influenced decision like an address marker.

Below are a selection of them that I stopped to photograph while we were exploring the city!

Riley Cran

Operator and Manager of Lost Type. Graphic designer.